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Evoke Elegance & Sophistication with White Wardrobes

In truth, White is the most refreshing colour of the entire Wardrobe Optional spectrum. White wardrobes evoke a Classic feeling of confidence, elegance, cleanliness and sophistication. You can never go wrong with this type of wardrobe. It is exactly what you need to create that dream bedroom with a clean & classic feel.


  1. White armories will make your bedroom to appear larger. This is because they reflect all light. they also don’t obstruct like heavy dark designs.
  2. Because most bedroom ceilings are white and a good portion of bedroom furniture is also white… this is because white goes well with everything. It is very Neutral and you’ll happily find it easy to match everything with white closets and Wardrobes.


Why a White Closet or Wardrobe?

Since time began, White is the colour of comfort and serenity. Think of Heaven…Have it in your bedroom and you will surely have the perfect place for a peaceful night sleep. After a busy day at work, you deserve to get back to a house that feels calm and serene. For the most calming interior effects, incorporate items such as white sofa sets and wardrobes in your interior space.

The last time you saw white furniture did you feel nervous or did you feel comfortable? NO – Most likely, you experienced serenity. A white wardrobe can be the most comforting thing to have in your bedroom. The mere sight of it will set your mind at ease.

A wardrobe is a large piece of furniture. Most likely, it will occupy a significant amount of space in your bedroom. Thus, it will be a focal point. Furniture that is the centre of attention needs to have a light colour such as white.

A white piece of furniture will complement well with elements with particular designs and colours. It will combine well with darker colours.

Make sure that your white armoire matches well with

  • Curtains
  • Beds
  • Blinds
  • Bedside tables
  • Interior walls


Matching Your White Wardrobes

  1. Darker rugs, curtains and carpets will match well with a white closet. If you have lighter coloured walls and your wardrobe has a light colour, nothing about the room will stand out. There is need to create a colour contrast. You should contrast whiter wardrobes with walls of a darker shade.
  1. If you are using a white closet, your walls do not have to be the darkest shade possible. However, they should be noticeably darker than the wardrobe.


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White Mirrored Wardrobe

A white mirrored wardrobe will add a modern statement to your bedroom. It will also make the natural light within your bedroom to work for you.

  • A mirrored wardrobe gives you a way to check your outfit, before you leave the house.
  • It also opens up and brightens your bedroom.
  • This wardrobe is perfect for any sized room.
  • A white mirrored wardrobe provides an illusion of space.

A wardrobe with mirror is perfect for a small room. Placing it opposite a large window will bring the outside in and make a room to feel larger.

  1. A mirrored wardrobe can have sliding doors. Alternatively, it can have mirrored doors that open and shut. It can also have built in cupboards.
  1. With white mirrored wardrobes, there is a wide variety of mirrors. These include partly frosted mirrors, shaded glass, coloured glass, decorative mirrors and lacquered glass.


White Free Standing Wardrobes

Freestanding wardrobes are perfect for-

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Living rooms
  3. Offices

Freestanding wardrobes are affordable. They are also flexible because you can easily move them from one place to another. You will get white freestanding wardrobes in two categories

  • Those with doors
  • Those without doors

Those without doors are open wardrobes. With these, you cannot conceal your clothing. Anybody entering your bedroom will see them. However, you might prefer this type of look. Open wardrobes are perfect for children. This is because they are safer and easier to use.

  • Because an open wardrobe does not have a door, you will need to stay more organised and tidy.
  • If you desire more privacy with this type of wardrobe, you simply purchase a curtain rod and a curtain.

White wardrobes with doors are very popular. They are available at SmartFitWardrobes.Com. A wardrobe with door will be an elegant addition to your bedroom. This kind of wardrobe varies with the kind of door. Other points of differentiation are handles and knobs. Listed below are the different types of wardrobes with doors.

  1. Single door wardrobe

This is ideal for small bedrooms. The best single door wardrobe is one that is tall and narrow. This will make maximum utility of your small floor space and provide you with sufficient storage space. This kind of wardrobe works well in bedsitters, a child’s room and guest rooms. A guest will only need to store a few items. On the other hand, the clothes of a child are smaller thus, they require less space.

  1. Double Wardrobe

The most popular wardrobe with door is the double wardrobe. This will fit well in small and average sized bedrooms. Some styles of SmartFitWardrobes also have shelving, hanging space and drawers.

  1. A Triple Wardrobe

This suits an average to large sized bedroom. It has a number of storage combinations to hold dresses, jumpers and shoes. Triple wardrobes are perfect for people who have many clothes.

  1. Four Door Wardrobes

These are ideal for large bedrooms. You can store everything in this wardrobe from old clothes to new ones. They will also be space for storing important documents and other valuables.

  1. Five Door Wardrobes

These are huge. They are perfect for large families. Replacing separate bedroom storage units with one five-door wardrobe will free up a lot of space.  You can divide this wardrobe into sections. There can be personal sections and shared storage sections.


What about a White Sliding Doors Wardrobe

A sliding wardrobe that is white will greatly improve the looks of your bedroom and will add versatility and functionality to this part of your house. This kind of wardrobe will utilise bedroom space in the most effective manner possible.

  • This wardrobe has no handles sticking out. Thus, it adds a sleek and clean look to a space.

In addition, it will not extend out when opened. This will lead to valuable extra space


White Hardwood Wardrobes

The best wardrobe material is dense and durable hardwood. A wardrobe made of this material is a bit costly but will last for a long time. The construction of budget friendly alternatives involves particle wood. Such options are not long lasting.

  • Walnut is a popular wardrobe construction material. It is a hardwood and will complement well with other medium dark woods that are common in a bedroom.
  • You can also choose SmartFitWardrobes wardrobes made of mahogany or cherry. These have deep rich undertones that will greatly boost the elegance of your bedroom space.


White Solid Oak Wardrobe

A white solid oak wardrobe will give your bedroom a classic and antique appearance. This wardrobe will last long. Normal oak veneer wardrobe will last for around ten years. However, the one made using solid oak will last for decades. Thus, you will get value for money.

  • A wardrobe made using solid oak can easily withstand heavy wear and tear. It is also easy to maintain. If there are cracks and dents, you can easily level them.

The most common hardwood wardrobe is solid oak wardrobe. This is because oak is widely available. There are more than 60 oak varieties available in the UK.

Solid oak wardrobe is a sensible choice. This is because it is naturally robust and is warm and inviting.


White Mahogany Wardrobes

The hardest, strongest and best quality white wardrobes are mahogany wardrobes. You can find modern and antique mahogany wardrobes online and offline.


White Fully Fitted Closet

You can purchase a white fully fitted wardrobe from SmartFitWardrobes.Com. A professional will fix this wardrobe to the wall. You will need a larger budget to buy this. However, you will get a number of benefits including ability to customise and endless storage options.

  • You can get the perfect white fully fitted closet for your personality, budget and space. There is a wide range of fitted closets. You will easily find what you are looking for.
  • A fitted armoire is an attractive aesthetic feature in a room. It also provides excellent storage that helps to maximise space.


Advantages of a Fitted Closet

There are many good reasons to include a fitted closet in your house. Listed below are some of them.

  1. The Right Materials

When you build a fitted closet, you have the freedom to choose materials that will complement well with existing interior decor. You also choose the desired finishes for your wardrobe.

  1. A Wardrobe For Your Needs

You can design a white fitted closet with all the features that you need. You can also omit features that will not be useful to you. With a fitted closet, you can add additional cupboards.

  1. Efficient Use of Space

You can buy a freestanding wardrobe and it refuses to pass through the door to your bedroom. Alternatively, it might be too little to the extent that it ends up wasting space. Some homeowners complain of freestanding wardrobes that are too large to the extent that they overwhelm other elements in a room. With a fitted armoire, you get the exact dimensions for your bedroom. Thus, the wardrobe purchased will facilitate the efficient use of space.

  1. Custom Tailored Lighting

It might be hard to use the inside of a freestanding wardrobe at night or during a cloudy day. However, for the case of a fitted closet, you can include custom lighting in each drawer, cupboard and cabinet. You can program these lights to turn themselves on with the opening of a compartment.

  1. Increases the Value of Your Home

You will fix a fitted armoire to the wall. Thus, it becomes part of the house. This will make the resale value of the house to increase. When valuing your house to determine the price to sale it for, you will have to consider the fact that your house has fitted closets.


The Different Shades of White Closets

The colour white has more than one shade. You need to find a wardrobe that has the desirable shade of white.

  1. Super White

This is the purest expression of white. It has no colour undertones. Most wardrobes are in this shade.

  1. All White

Wardrobes with this shade always look terrific. They appear consistent in any light. In the afternoon, they will make a room to glow.

  1. China White

You can find a wardrobe with this shade. Such a wardrobe will match well with pink and green elements in the interior environment.

  1. Great White

This is a white with a character. A wardrobe with this hue is not sterile.  It is vibrant. Thus, it will uplift an interior environment. Furniture with this shade will work well with natural light. Throughout the day, it will change from pure white to somehow grey.

  1. Paper White

Paper white furniture is ideal for different parts of the house. You can use it in the bedroom. They will match well with other decor.

  1. Tinted White

A tinted white closet has hints of green and grey. However, it appears as bright white furniture. A piece of furniture having this colour will stand out like a piece of art.

  1. Huntington White

This changes appearance during different times of the day. You might want a wardrobe with this shade.

  1. Wimborne White

This is a beautiful shade of white with dimension and depth. Wardrobes with this shade usually look chic and modern.

  1. White Dove

This has a creamy undertone. A wardrobe with this shade will bring lovely warmth to your bedroom. White dove appears crisp. It is neither too modern nor too cold.

  1. Acadia White

This is the perfect creamy off-white for a wardrobe. This shade does not appear too cool or too warm.


What to Store in a Wardrobe

  1. Clothes

Most people rely on wardrobes for organising their clothes. For a wardrobe to do this job effectively, it needs to have drawers, shelves and hanging space. Before you place a piece of cloth in the drawer, you will need to fold it.

  1. Shoes

You can hang these on a special hanger. Alternatively, you can place them on a shelf or on the floor of the wardrobe.

  1. Linens

These include towels and sheets among other items. Shallow shelving is perfect for linens.

  1. Electronics

If a wardrobe has adjustable shelves, you can easily accommodate electronics. If you want to use a wardrobe to hold a TV, you need to check out if there are holes for running wires. If there are not there, you will have to drill them.

What Not to Store in a Closet

  • Wet clothes
  • Dirty clothes


Wardrobe Buying Considerations

  1. Price

You will need to find a wardrobe that you can afford. The key to finding an affordable wardrobe is comparing prices and styles online.

  1. Space needed

You need to consider the space needed to store all your clothes. If you have a big family, you will definitely need a bigger wardrobe.

  1. Space available

You should also consider the space available in your bedroom. Use a tape measure to determine the amount of space available. While shopping, you should make sure to get a wardrobe that will fit in the space available. You should verify that the wardrobe you want to purchase would allow for ample space for opening and closing the door.

  1. Wardrobe material

This is an important consideration. You need to find a material that is durable and easy to maintain. Hardwood is a good choice.  Metal wardrobes are susceptible to rust and their edges can hurt people.

  1. Accessories available

A good wardrobe will have a number of accessories. It will have drawers and a place for hanging clothes. A shoe rack will also come in handy.


Bedrooms with White Furniture are Eclectic

They shine with elegance and have an air of luxury. White is one of the best colours to have in your bedroom. You can have it in traces. Alternatively, you can have it in large swatches. Whatever your choice, make sure that there is mix and match for the best effects possible. Elegance is important. For a wardrobe, elegance is more than just having the right shade of white. It is also about the finish and the fittings. 


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