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When it comes to Sliding wardrobes, in the planning…it is all about intelligent and effective

use of space to create the most elegant interior design effects. You will find these wardrobes in a wide range of finishes, colours and styles. There are also hundreds of configurations.


Create Comfort and Serenity With Bedroom Furniture

Get a sliding closet tailored to your exact individual needs. Find something that will bring out the very best out of your bedroom space. With the right furniture, you bedroom will be a serene place for rest and relaxation.

Never underestimate the importance of a wardrobe in a bedroom. Thus, you should find a Wardrobe with top style and functionality.

With the sliding variety, you get a Range of amazing designs and a wide range of functionalities. You will love just how seamless it is to open. Because the doors do not protrude out, you will save a lot of space. Additionally there are also no space wasting handles. Sleek & Minimal you’ll love your new Sliding Wardrobe.

Something For ALL Your Needs

Sliding closets means that storage can be matched to your limited bedroom space and the style of your bedroom.

No two bedrooms look alike. Thus, you need to find something that is suitable for your Exact circumstances. You can start with pre-designed combinations and look for something that matches your tastes and preferences.

If the standard varieties do not satisfy your needs, you should seek us out for a customised solution.

  • Uniqueness Is The Name Of The Game

You do not need something that is common in many homes. You need a wardrobe with unique configuration and style. After all, you are exceptional. That is why something standard might not be perfect for you. Think about a bespoke solution from SmartFitWardrobes.Com. This might be what your bedroom has been longing for years.

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A Luxurious Modern Addition to a Home

A sliding closet will make your bedroom space more luxurious. It will give it an air of sophistication. You will love how it blends well with your existing decor to create harmony in the interior environment.

Add an extra touch of elegance to your bedroom with the sleekest sliding closet. You can easily find something that has highly exclusive doors, panels, frames and accessories.


Sliding Closet Doors Beat Hinged Wardrobe Doors Hands Down

In the modern world, the last thing that you need in your bedroom is a wardrobe with hinged doors. This is because a hinged wardrobe is a great inconvenience. First, you need space that will cater for the opening and closing of the wardrobe doors. This will not be the case with a sliding variety. Secondly, with time, the hinges will start depreciating and they can start producing undesirable noises.

  • Installation

It is easier and quicker to install sliding wardrobes. You can even do it yourself. If you choose to involve a professional, he will complete everything quickly meaning that you will pay fewer charges. Installation of hinged wardrobes is involving resulting to higher charges.

  • Sagging

The door of a sliding closet will never sag because it is not on hinges. Sagging is likely to occur with hinged doors especially if they have to carry extra loads such as mirrors.

  • Safety

A hinged door is not that safe especially if used in a child’s wardrobe. There is the risk of the door knocking the child accidentally. With sliding doors, there is no risk of the wardrobe door hitting someone since they do not protrude outside.

  • Door width

A hinged door with a width more than 600 mm will put strain on the hinges and the frame. This will make the doors to drop on their hinges making them not to close squarely. Hinges will eventually get damage especially because of opening the doors beyond 90 degrees angle.


Transform Your Old Wardrobe

You Can Replace Hinged Wardrobe Doors with Sliding Doors

Maybe you do not have the money to buy a new sliding closet and you already have a wardrobe. If that is the case, you can simply transform the old hinged wardrobe to have sliding doors.

With all the apparent benefits of sliding doors, it looks sensible to replace your hinged wardrobe doors. You will find space-saving wardrobe doors in a wide range of materials, finishes and colours. The sliding doors available at SmartFitWardrobes.Com have easy to install panel designs. Thus, you will not be disappointed with them.

  • To replace, you will simply need to remove the hinged door from the frame. If there is a timber frame, there will be holes left behind. You will need to seal these holes before you install sliding doors. If the timber frame is in a bad state, you have to replace it.


When Purchasing a New Sliding Closet

Choose a Wardrobe with the Right Finish

Your new house definitely needs a new closet.  In case your existing closet is too old and worn out, you will need to acquire a new one.  You must find a new wardrobe with the right finish.

Choose a finish that matches other furniture and fittings in your room. At SmartFitWardrobes.Com, there is a wide range of finish options. Listed below are some of them.

  • Glass finish
  • Wood finish
  • Mirrored finish


Glass Finish

Sliding doors wardrobe with a glass finish looks impressive. This closet will make your bedroom to stand out. Glass also creates the illusion of space. It makes your bedroom to appear bigger. Thus, if you have a small bedroom it will be good to find a closet that has a glass finish.

  • The best glass choices include black glass, mirror, cream glass, cappuccino glass and soft white glass.
  • You can decide to use clear glass. Alternatively, your choice can be tainted glass.
  • Other choices of glass include lacquered glass, coloured glass, decorative mirrors and frosted mirrors.
  • A glass finish is the most contemporary wardrobe finish. Most modern wardrobes have this finish.


Wood Finish

This is the most popular wardrobe finish. Wooden sliding doors look impressive. They infuse elegance to an interior space. The natural appearance of wood is also a great plus.

  • When it comes to wood, hardwood is the best. This is because it lasts long and is very resilient to the elements. Some types of hardwoods can last for decades and still have impressive appearance.
  • Hardwood easily handles pressure. You wardrobe will face pressure, from the weights of things to the pressure caused by frequent sliding of the doors.
  • Wood is Eco-friendly. It is not like plastic that damages the environment. Thus, a wooden wardrobe has environmental benefits.
  • It is also easy to maintain a closet that has a wood finish. All that you have to do is wipe it regularly with a wet cloth. You can decide to polish a wooden wardrobe if it starts losing its luster.


Oak Wardrobe

  • A red oak wardrobe is visually appealing. It will easily fit in a contemporary space.

An oak finish is the best. It will easily match with other hardwood elements in your bedroom. Oak looks classy and it is timeless. People have used oak to make wardrobes, for centuries. An oak wardrobe is sturdy and reliable.


Solid Pine Wardrobe

Pine is a beautiful addition to your master bedroom. Solid pine will add a sense of style to your bedroom. Solid pine sliding wardrobes from the best manufacturers have high quality look and feel. This is because; real timber experts have constructed them to peerless standards.


Walnut Sliding Closet

The walnut wardrobe is very smooth. You can easily think that it not made of wood. This wardrobe will coordinate the classic and contemporary design of your bedroom.


Choosing the Right Wardrobe Colour

Colour is an important issue in a piece of furniture. There is need for a colour that will match well with the prevailing colour scheme in a room.

  • If you have darker walls, you need a light coloured closet such as a white wardrobe. Lighter walls will go well with darker wardrobes.
  • It is all about colour contrast. When the contrast is right, things in a room will stand out. When most elements have the same shade, a room will look boring.
  • You should not only consider the walls. You also should take into account the colour of the ceiling. Your wardrobe can have the same colour as the ceiling but not as the wall. However, you can vary a bit. If the ceiling is true white, the wardrobe can be tinted white. If it is dark green, the closet can be light green.
  • In addition, consider the colour scheme of rags, carpets and other pieces of furniture and make sure that your wardrobe has a colour that matches well with the colours of these fittings.

You can easily change the colour of some wardrobes by repainting. However, there are closets that are hard to repaint. Repainting them leads to distortion of appearance.


Which are The Best Sliding Closet Colours?

  1. Black Wardrobe

A black wardrobe will heighten the appeal of a modern bedroom. It will do fine in a bedroom that has lighter walls and ceiling.

Darker wardrobes are quite popular. You can choose one that has true black shade. This shade has little undertone. Alternatively, you can try out a dark blue or navy blue wardrobe.

  1. White Closet

This will add warmth and serenity to your space. A white closet also makes your bedroom to appear bigger. It is very easy to match white furniture. When you choose white closet, you get a lot of freedom about the choices of fittings and accessories to include in your bedroom.

The best whites for furniture are true white and decorator’s white. True white has no undertones. Most wardrobes are available in this shade of white. You can also decide to find an Acadia white closet. This will elevate the interior environment. White dove is a good shade for wardrobes because it is crisp and infuses lovely warmth to a space.

  1. Grey Wardrobes

A neutral colour can do fine on your wardrobe. Consider a Mindful Gray wardrobe. Mindful Gray is one of the best furniture colours. This is because it looks awesome on cabinets and wardrobes. In addition, it has a perfect balance of cool and warm tones.

If you want a gray that is cooler than Mindful Gray, then you should go for wardrobes that have Manhattan Mist colour. This is a very beautiful shade of grey.

  1. Green Wardrobe

Green is a bold colour. Thus, it will make your wardrobe to standout. If you want a green that will match well with darker walls, consider mint. This is a lighter shade of grey.


Finding the Perfect Size

You need to find a wardrobe that will fit perfectly in your space. You need something that is neither too small nor too large. Something very large will outshine other elements in your bedroom. On the other hand, a very small wardrobe will look awkward and it might fail to store all your clothes and shoes.

  • You also need to ensure that a wardrobe will be able to pass through the door. This is especially the case with a freestanding wardrobe since you will purchase it in one piece. For the case of a fitted closet, you will assemble the different pieces inside the bedroom.
  • Measure the available space in your bedroom before you embark on the wardrobe shopping process. In addition, consider your storage needs. If you have a big family, you definitely need a large wardrobe.
  • If you want a floor to ceiling wardrobe, you will need to measure different points of the floor to the ceiling to determine the dimensions of the wardrobe.


Fitted Sliding Closet

Transform your bedroom and create more space with a high quality made to measure fitted wardrobe with sliding doors. At SmartFitWardrobes.Com, you can customise your wardrobe design to your exact specifications. You will find a highly competent designer at SmartFitWardrobes who will guide you by hand until you get the wardrobe of your dreams.


Why Buy a Fitted Sliding Closet

A fitted sliding closet will deliver many benefits to your house. It is more beneficial than the freestanding variety.

  1. You can highly customise a fitted closet. You have the freedom to have it in a desired size and shape. This is not the case with freestanding wardrobes since they come with standard features. With this type of wardrobe, everything is according to your specifications.
  1. A fitted closet with sliding doors means more space. Sliding doors will facilitate easy access to your stuff.
  1. You can incorporate a full-length mirror to a fitted closet. This will make you to see how well a dress fits.
  1. Most likely, a fitted closet will be in a material that matches other elements in the interior environment.
  1. A fitted armoire can appear as thou it is free standing. This will be the case if it does not go up to the ceiling.
  1. With a fitted closet, the value of your house will increase. This is because it is part of the house because it is not movable. Thus, when it comes to valuing your house for a sale, the valuator has to take into account the fact that your house has a fixed closet.


Floor to Ceiling Fitted Closet

A fitted sliding wardrobe that starts from the floor and ends at the ceiling will make you to utilise every inch of space. This can have a full-length mirror, shoe racks, drawers, built in cupboards and other useful wardrobe accessories. It is also important for there to be hanging space.

You should find a floor to ceiling wardrobe that has a suitable colour and a superb design that will match your interior design. SmartFitWardrobes.Com has everything that you are searching for in a wardrobe.


How Many Panels in Your Sliding Closet

This is a decision you have to make when shopping for sliding wardrobes. There are three types of panels:

  • Single panel sliding door design
  • Three panel sliding door design
  • Four panel sliding door design


Choose the Best Sliding Closet for Your Budget

What you need is a sliding closet designed and constructed with attention to detail. You do not need a mediocre choice. Make sure to buy something that has superior design and functionality. A wardrobe should look great and perform impressively. Buy brands like SmartFitWardrobes and you will get value for money. This brand is associated with state of the art wardrobes that are products of many years of research and development.

You can find a high quality wardrobe at an affordable price.

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