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Sliding wardrobe doors are very convenient. You can slide the doors to the sideways and put in or take out anything easily. This convenience and flexibility can be very useful when you are in a hurry. These doors look sophisticated and improve the look of your room interior. Clothing and accessories take up lots of space in any home. Without a wardrobe, all these items would be lying around, getting dirty and taking up unnecessary space in your home. A simple wardrobe helps you keep all your clothing and accessories neat and clean.

There are different types of wardrobe designs. Each design has its pros and cons. You need to select a wardrobe carefully because a wrong choice can mean years of trouble. We are a professional wardrobe designer, builder and installer. Whether you want a standard design or custom one, we have the expertise to build this furniture exactly the way you want it. Install a wardrobe to make your home more organised. It improves the aesthetic look of your room interior. Transform your rooms for better by keeping all your clothes and accessories properly. Your home will look organised, nice, clean and inviting thanks to a simple wardrobe. Learn more about wardrobes. It will help you determine which design is best for your room.


There are different types of wardrobes. The options include:

Free Standing Wardrobes:

It is a traditional and versatile option. Whenever you want to change the look of your room interior, you can move your free standing wardrobe to another place around the room or to a different room altogether. You can even move it to another house. It is a good option when you are living in a rented house. You can take it with you anywhere you go to live. Wardrobes in this category are available in various sizes, designs and materials. It is an affordable option if you are not very choosy about designs and do not need lots of storage slots. It comes already assembled so it requires only delivery to your home. There is no installation involved in it.

The problem with this design is that extra space is needed when opening its doors. Dirt and dirt accumulate on top of the wardrobe. You have to clean the top surface regularly. The empty space between top of the wardrobe and ceiling goes waste. Space is also wasted on the sides due to gaps between the wardrobe and the walls. Most wardrobes in this category are quite small in size. You will have limited storage space. Use it when your wardrobe collection is limited and you are not looking for a permanent fixture.

Fitted Wardrobes:

This type of wardrobes is fitted to the wall and from floor to the ceiling. Also referred as built-in or wall mounted wardrobe, this design looks graceful and help utilise available space to the maximum. It is suitable for both small and large rooms. The furniture can have sliding or hinge doors. With the sliding doors, you do not have to worry about doors taking up unnecessary space in room while opening. You can utilise extra storage space at the higher level that generally goes waste in a freestanding wardrobe. You can install it at places that often go waste, such as under the stairs and alcove areas.

Your sliding wardrobe doors can be installed in your preferred colour and finish. It helps match the exterior of this furniture to your room interior colour theme. There are many modern and sophisticated designs in this category. It can be a small design that covers only a part of the wall or a large unit that covers whole wall side. It is a permanent installation so you have to plan it carefully. Installation of a fitted wardrobe is a complex job but you do not have to worry about this issue. At SmarfitWardrobes, we have expert installers with experience in this field. They will install the fitted wardrobe as per your specifications. A built-in wardrobe with its floor to ceiling installation looks neat, clean and smooth.

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Walk-In Wardrobe:

It is mostly suitable for places where large space is available but it can also be designed for smaller spaces using some clever design tricks. As the name suggests, you can walk inside the wardrobe area. It has multiple shelves, railings, drawers and even its own small cabinets. You can accommodate large number of dresses, accessories, shoes and other personal items. If you have a large wardrobe collection, a walk-in wardrobe gives you sufficient space to store all your dresses. There will be enough hanging and storage spaces on all sides to store all your personal items. It can be designed in various ways to accommodate your specific requirements.

Storage space in a walk-in wardrobe can be compartmentalised with multiple sections. This design of wardrobe is not suitable for small homes but it all depends on the available space. If a wide open area in the middle is not a priority, it can be built even in a medium size room. The advantage of walk-in wardrobe is that you can keep all your personal items at one place. It helps keep your other rooms clutter free. You do not have to waste time searching for your personal items. Everything will be at the same place and within easy access. A large walk in wardrobe doubles up as a dressing room. It is the ultimate design when it comes to storage of clothing and other personal items.

Wardrobe with Mixed Storage Systems:

It is a free flow design. It can include a wardrobe, one or multiple built in cupboards, open shelves, and space for audio and TV systems. It is a good design for rooms of kids. Clothing and personal items of a child can be stored inside the enclosed wardrobe while books, small toys and other daily use items can be kept in open shelves.

Within each category of wardrobe, there are various options in terms of designs, type of doors, materials, colours and finishes. A wardrobe can have indoor drawers but some designs have external drawers. You can make TV cabinet a part of your wardrobe system. The TV cabinet or shelf can be designed in the middle of the wardrobe. There are all types of possibilities.

Discuss your ideas with our wardrobe designers. They will help you design the perfect storage system for all your personal items. They use advanced tools to figure out all the details related to a storage system. You will be informed which part of your idea is possible and which one is not feasible. They are expert in solving problems of home storage systems. Your wardrobe plan will be evaluated carefully on different parameters. We offer complete customisation while taking into account your ideas, room size and budget. We will design a wardrobe that meets all your expectations. Call now to discuss your wardrobe requirements.


An Easy Process to the Installation of Your Wardrobe

Step 1:

Call now to book a free consultation and design inspection visit. Our experienced designer will visit your home to take measurements of the space where you want to install your wardrobe. The professional will discuss with you your storage requirements, project plan and ideas related to it. You will be offered advice on what is possible, what should be changed to a different design, and what cannot or should not be constructed. You will receive expert advice and frank opinion.

Step 2:

In the next step, you will receive 3D design concept that you can view and evaluate. A written quote will be provided to you. Once you agree to the design and the price, our construction process starts.

Step 3:

After the wardrobe is ready, it will be transported to your home and installed by expert fitters.

We have trained and experienced woodworkers. They use modern and advanced tools to make everything to perfect measurement. A project manager continuously monitors construction of your furniture. Each part of the wardrobe is checked carefully to ensure it is made to the measurement and meets high quality standards. State of the art 3D designing tools are used to ensure perfect design. Use of project management tools ensures timely delivery.

Once you have confirmed the order and agreed to the delivery date, we will order the required materials. All parts of the furniture are made and delivered on the agreed date and time. Our fitters will make required adjustments on the site to ensure all parts fit nicely. The complete structure will have a clean, sophisticated and nice look. The room will be cleaned after the work is over. We provide complete start to end solution so you do not have to worry about any issue. Once you have placed the order, you will receive a new, ready to use and shiny wardrobe installed in your room.

Contact us to receive quote, book a free home design visit, or receive advice on wardrobe installation. If you are not sure whether your budget allows a certain type of wardrobe construction, consult with our project manager for free. Call us or visit our workshop to discuss your wardrobe construction requirements.


Things to Keep in Mind When Installing a Wardrobe


Always use a design that is suitable to the available space in the room. The furniture should match the interior decoration theme. You have to pay attention to the depth, height, shape, size, materials, colours and finish. The design options include antique, classic, colonial, French, Spanish, minimalist, modern and ultramodern, among others. Each style is different from the others. When it comes to designing the shelves, drawers and boxes, there is no limit on design and combination possibilities. Your wardrobe can be an open or a completely enclosed system. In one design, only a part of the storage system has wardrobe while the other parts are used for drawers, open shelves and TV. All types of designs are possible. Talk to our representative to discuss your ideas. Our designers and project managers are ready to turn your ideas into reality.

Colours and Finishes:

Homeowners generally prefer one plain colour style for their wardrobe. White wardrobe is used widely because it matches well to most interior themes. In case of multiple colours, not more than two-colour combination is used. The colour used for the wardrobe furniture should be complementary to the colour or colours used for walls and ceiling. Bright colours are suitable for kid wardrobe. You can use panels that have wood like surface pattern. Metal doors are generally painted in metallic colours and finish. Glass doors are either clear or translucent but can be painted as well. Depending on your preference, the furniture surface can have semi gloss, high gloss or matte finish.


For wood type furniture, particle board or MDF is preferred but old favourite plywood can also be used. The wardrobe doors can be made in particle board, MDF, metal or glass. Each material has its own advantages. Both particle board and MDF are economical and now preferred over plywood. These products are made with engineered wood and prove durable and strong. The edges retain smoothness for long and do not develop splinters and voids. Any type of paint and finish can be applied on the smooth surface of these materials. Glass sliding wardrobe doors can be painted or left unpainted to retain the original clear or translucent look.

Depth and Size:

A minimum of 18-inch depth is needed in a wardrobe but you can extend it to 24 inches or more. It all depends on how much storage space you need and how much space of the room you are ready to lose. Generally, 18-inch depth is sufficient for common designs of hangers, shelves and drawers. Your wardrobe can cover from wall to wall and floor to ceiling; or it can be constructed smaller to take up only a part of the wall side. Keep in mind that the cost of your wardrobe is related to the inner depth and overall furniture size. With a larger storage system, you have more storage space with multiple shelves and drawers but it will cost more.

Type of Doors:

You can use hinge or sliding doors. Sliding doors wardrobe cost more because additional materials are needed for the sliding feature. If the wardrobe is large and wide, you can use sliding doors to reduce the number of doors needed to cover the front. The number of doors required for a wardrobe depends on how wide your wardrobe is, the number of sections in it, and how much of wardrobe should remain open every time you open it. It starts with two doors and can go up to six or more doors depending on the width of the wardrobe. Each type of door has its pros and cons. Choose a type of door according to your requirements, preferences, type of wardrobe, available space in the room, and budget.

Hardware, Interiors and Accessories:

You can build a simple wardrobe or it can have all the frills. All parts can be constructed using the same material or some parts can be made with other materials. It all depends on what type of features you need in your wardrobe. Additional hardware items are needed if sliding wardrobe doors are used. You can attach mirror to the exterior of the door. The mirror can be only on one door or on each door. Handles for doors and drawers are available in a wide range of designs.


Fix your budget first thing and only then determine the type of wardrobe you should install. It helps you keep your project within the budget and under your control. It is a long term investment so use quality products that will last for several years without any need for repair, replacement, painting and finishing. We can build a wardrobe that complies with your specifications, preferences and budget.

The success of your wardrobe project depends on the installer. There is no room to make mistake. You can rely on our expertise and experience in this field. SmarfitWardrobes offers professional wardrobe construction, assembling and installation services. You are assured of 100% satisfaction. All our designers, project managers, fitters and other staff are trained and certified professionals.

The wardrobe we design and install will meet your expectations. We assure timely delivery and prompt replies to your queries.

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