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Sliding Wardrobes Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are used to help complement the style and personal taste of the individual and room into which they are fitted. Your choice of doors is vital.

Choices are certainly not limited when you are selecting the perfect access point through which you can reach the specific items located inside custom sliding wardrobe. Traditional Japanese doors, French fitted wardrobes, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors UK, white glass sliding wardrobe doors, solid wood sliding wardrobe doors, frosted glass sliding wardrobe doors, high gloss sliding wardrobe doors, and other contemporary styles will always be available.

When selecting Sliding wardrobe doors styles, it is important to determine whether you will be going with a glass or mirror inset or if you would like solid wood, metal or chipboard instead. The possibilities are endless when it comes to door selection. Certain choices such as frosted or white glass are being popular now, but it also means that popular colour preferences can change. Do choose wisely as your choice will affect the rest of the project and what is most important will bring you particular mood for all next coming years while you will be using your fitted custom made wardrobe. Take it easy, get help from professional wardrobe designer decide which sliding wardrobe door parts design is right for you.

How To Choose Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes

To arrange your custom built in wardrobe systems with selecting Sliding wardrobe doors, be sure that the colour scheme will fit into the rest of the room’s décor. That could be as simple as choosing a similar wood to what is already in the room, or it might involve selecting an appropriate paint colour that blends in with the colour of your walls or provides an accent to the other elements of the décor. Everything from pastels to bolds such as black and red should be considered until the perfect accent is decided upon. If you need an advice on designing your wardrobe UK style like you can ask Smart Fit anytime.

Where to fit Sliding Wardrobe Doors: Ideas

There are different types of built in sliding wardrobe doors systems available in UK: small sliding door wardrobes for tiny cosy rooms, free standing sliding door wardrobes UK style or Fitted wardrobes with TV space for any type of Living room, walk in wardrobe doors for Dressing rooms usually made floor to ceiling and covers whole entrance area, making an effect as if you would have your dressing room as a separate room. Same style floor to ceiling wardrobe doors is a good choice for large Master bedrooms. They allow you to save space and maintains well whole ergonomics of your room.
Sliding doors is a good choice for the hallway. Hallway is a very specific place in 90% cases limited in space. It is critical to have space to manoeuvre around the entrance door and other people when you take off your coat or a jacket. Sliding door version of the cabinet will allow that comparing to hinged doors option.
Sliding doors are good even for kitchens. Especially for pantry areas where you store all you lovely jams, selected wines and other tasty things that you might need to access easy.

Please think about the space you want to renovate, you need to know how you want to use it and how it will appear. We always say, “please do talk to professional” and advise you again. Do speak to them. They will shorten your time spend on thinking how, where and at what style. Enjoy the ease of use of them and leave the planning work to those who do it every day as a profession.

How to build your Sliding Doors Wardrobe

  •  You can start to design your own wardrobe by making a list of things that you want to fit behind these doors. List them all
  • Then consider what accessories you want to have inside, such as drawers, pull out shelves, hangers, hooks, hidden cabinets and etc
  • Browse through internet for internal layout ideas. Start with our recently completed projects and select the filter > sliding wardrobes
  • Check Pinterest for accessories you want to have inside your cupboard
  • For those who are keen on technologies, you can have a look for smart solutions from Hettich German Ironmongery producer and our good partner in high quality cabinet hardware such as nice sliding wardrobes systems
  • Go through these steps above and call the Smart Fit Wardrobes team to put all your ideas together in a nice functional concept that will make your home even more cosy place to live.

We can proudly say that we have a great selection of different custom and readymade sliding wardrobe doors. Please browse through wardrobe interior ideas here in our project gallery.

If you are looking for Sliding Wardrobe Doors company and thinking on getting Sliding Doors, feel free to get in contact with us!

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