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Super gloss Grey Sliding Wardrobe with mirrored Corner rack

This built-in bespoke wardrobe with full height mirror occupied a little space in bedroom, all available space is well optimized. In addition, it is a sliding wardrobe that adds modern style to the room interior. It equipped with easy-to-close tactile drawers that really pleased to use. There is also a large compartment to store shoes, boxes, suitcases, briefcases or any other items. Finally, the vertical orientation of the corner rack has six compartments to fit folded clothes or other stuff.

Bespoke Wardrobes That Simplify Your Life

When you think about remodelling your house or buying your own home, one of the aspects that gets more attention is the bedroom, the place where you will spend important moments and where -probably, you will dress. This task could be perceived as somewhat cumbersome, especially if the space is small and the clothes are not in their right place.But do not worry, this year we offer you the best option in built-in furniture with our modern sliding wardrobe, with an integrated corner rack and a full height sliding mirror, which will make it easier to check your outfit of the day.

This bespoke wardrobe with full height mirror can be built-in, so the space it will occupy little space in your bedroom, and you will have an optimised storage space. This built-in cabinet, in addition, is a sliding cabinet that makes it modern and with easy-to-close tactile drawers.

Comfortable Compartments

With this custom-made wardrobe, you will have ample space to hang your outfits, and the best thing is that it will not occupy much space in your bedroom as it is a built-in cabinet with soft closing sliding doors.

Advices to Order Your Wardrobe

When you install your new fitted furniture, bespoke wardrobe form our mark, it sets a new beginning, so the first thing to do is pay attention to what you have since it will determine how you will re-arrange your clothes.

Remember that you’ll have a lot of space to hang your costumes, like dresses and suits, you name it, in the main space. Don’t forget that you can organise your foldable clothes in six drawers from the corner, or in the ones that are in the main space.

Now it’s time to organise. Keep in count that this renewal can also help you ditch clothes that you no longer use. If you’re thinking about getting rid of some outfits that are still usable, keep in mind donating them to a shelter so it can have a better use.

You’ll have plenty of space to hang your outfits but can arrange it depending on the use you give them. Organise the frequent use clothes by colours so it’ll be easier for you to find them.

If you’re in winter, move to the other end of your bespoke wardrobe the summer clothes. Always have in hand your seasonal outfits. Keep in mind what clothes you can fold and cannot since it will help you save a lot of space in case you fall short of it.


Attributes Values
Project Super gloss Grey Sliding Wardrobe with mirrored Corner rack
Location SE22, London
Wardrobe price £2000
Special Features Full height storage solution, sliding wardrobe, fully optimised space, soft-close drawers and doors, modern style, corner rack.

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