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Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet: you can feel it but will not see it

The bathroom is a place that usually stores so many essential items. Therefore it should organized in order and be always in touch. The solution is a bathroom cabinet, compact storage matched to the room interior. It can be a floor stand or wall unit. For this bathroom we choose to make a mirrored wall cabinet that looks effortless and almost invisible. It has plenty advantages: spacious interior, mirror to check your appearance, room space expanding, LED lighting for better observation, etc. Now the bathroom is tidy and every item has its own place.

Features That You Need to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom Unit

The bathroom unit is an important factor to consider while in bathroom renovation. A well-furnished house should have a nice bathroom cabinet that can contain as many essential items as possible. Whether a contemporary or a minimalist bathroom unit, it is important that you pick interesting features that will make the bathroom stand out. Just like other rooms in the house, adding a modern backsplash and a wall cabinet to your bathroom unit are some of the basic but important features. Here are the factors you need to consider when constructing a bathroom unit.A Well Balanced Unique Design

Just like the whole house, it is important to give your bathroom a unique design so that it stands out. A unique design should utilise all the space so as to ensure it is economically used. Space saving is a key factor that should be considered always when building a bathroom. To achieve a modern design consider the modern fittings such as stainless German ironmongery and the push to open doors. There are several modern design features to make the bathroom unit look modern, and they are available at the local stores. The best approach is consulting a qualified technician so that you can get a good quotation that will be appropriate for your bathroom.

Choose a Suitable Shower Base

It is also important to make sure you have a unique shower base that suits your style. There are different shower base options to choose for your bathroom unit. These include polymarble shower base, the tiled shower base and also the shower over bath. All these are different in design and can give your bathroom a uniquely stylish look. In addition, they allow you to use the space creatively and hence you can save more space so that you can use it creatively. The shower base is a focal point that will attract tenants, and it is also used as a major decision factor by many home buyers. Therefore it is worth putting into consideration the basic factors that give it a unique design.

Modern Plumbing Fittings

The experience when using the bathroom is to a high extent dependent on the plumbing fittings used. In most cases, this is the last factor that comes to mind when buying the plumbing pieces. However, it is important to consider the potential of tapware that will make a killer appeal in your bathroom unit. There are several distinctive elements that you need to consider to make the right appeal. From the knobs to the shower head, you need to make sure you choose the best stylish fittings that will be appropriate for the bathroom unit.

Add Towel Rails to Utilise the Empty Space

Nice looking towel rails on the wall give your bathroom a modern look. Therefore, it is important to make sure you add them not only as a space-saving technique but also to give the bathroom a nice decent appeal. Position the towel rack in a place that is ideal for your bathroom unit. Wall cabinets can be used as a place to store the towels. If you use the above bathroom unit features, you will have a good opportunity to make the bathroom more appealing.

Attributes Values
Project Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
Location RH10, Crawley
Cabinet price £1000
Special Features Bespoke storage solution, fully optimised space, push to open doors, mirrored exterior, multi purpose storage solution, LED lighting

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