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Loft conversion into a Wardrobe for additional storage

Oftentimes, we have limited storage in our rooms, especially with small wardrobes. We then end up having constricted and cluttered rooms with clothes and shoes everywhere. How can you alleviate this storage inconveniences? Of course, a smart loft conversion into a spacious white wardrobe is the best solution.

Here comes a smart solution: fully customized built-in wardrobe. It takes just an attic wall part, looks really compact. Everything is hidden inside: there is a different storage types, all your items can be placed here. Meet the perfect space organizing unit.

Why Loft Conversion into Modern Storage Space?

Our homes often have plenty of space in the attic that can be optimised to save lots of space in the room. Many people convert the loft into a habitable space where they can rest or even sleep. There are in fact many options to do with your loft. To be different from the crowd, you can consider fitted furniture into the loft where you store most of the clothes, shoes, books, etc.

How to Convert Loft into a White Wardrobe?

Anyone can achieve the loft conversion into desired fitted furniture provided they have special skills to do that. It requires specialist skills to make sure that the loft is optimised with cupboard depth of, for example, 550 to 600. So, choosing the right company to undertake this project for you is an important decision to make. As the loft is being turned into modern storage space, many factors have to be taken into account. For instance, how accessible will the storage be?

What is the design of the wardrobe?

With the right company, all these can be achieved. We are the specialist in loft conversion into modern wardrobes to create sufficient space. Our wardrobes are characterised by unique shelving solutions on wheels. In our design, the shelves can be rolled back when they are full to ensure additional storage in the loft. Moreover, we endeavor to make the fitted furniture to be accessible with ease, and we can put it at the level where it is convenient to use. Our standard cupboard depth is 550 to 600. The wardrobe doesn’t have to be positioned at the back when it goes under the sloping ceiling.

What Sets Our Modern Storage Space Apart?

Our white wardrobe is spray painted with white paint with the exterior painted smoothly for a soft touch. That will turn the storage space into a modernised and exquisite wardrobe. At the back of the cupboard, we will install the extra smart storage to give you more options of storing your items. Perhaps your books could be ideal items to store in that extra storage space.

Furthermore, we provide the Italian leather-like exterior with routed elegant handles to give you an unbeatable loft fitted furniture. Also noteworthy is the soft-close German Ironmongery on offer. These features set us apart as the competent company specialising in loft conversions into spacious wardrobes.You will love your new modern storage space and may even bring your guests to view. This perfected job is attributed to our experience in loft conversions and the expertise of our technicians.


Attributes Values
Project White Spray Painted Loft Wardrobe
Location E4, Chingsford
Wardrobe Price £3000-5500
Special Features Smooth Spray Painted Exterior, Extra Smart Storage Solution at the back of the cupboard, Soft-close German Ironmongery, Italian Leather Like Interior, Routed Elegant Handles

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