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Living room Storage Solution to restore the relaxing atmosphere

There is a huge selection of bespoke living room storage unit offered in the market today. We performed this project by corner wardrobe with two color finishes, added some glassed display shelves and bookcases. This living room storage is the ideal storage solution, is has not only  visually appealing look but the unit is also pretty durable and efficient.

Discover the Living Room Storage Unit

For homeowners who are planning to redesign the storage of their living room, you might want to have a storage that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also handy. In case your living room has too much clutter, it is probably due to the fact that you do not have enough storage. Bespoke living room storage will be a fabulous idea to restore the relaxing atmosphere of your home.

Types of Bespoke Living Room Storage Unit

There is a huge selection of bespoke living room storage unit offered in the market today. Depending on your personal taste, preference, budget, and needs, you can guarantee that there will be a unit that will give you the best solution. You will be able to make your living room more efficient by finding furniture that includes storage. Here are some of your options.

Push-to-Open Drawers

It is time for you to remove that unnecessary handle on your corner wardrobe and choose the push-to-open drawers. This will help you to conveniently open the storage without the need to pull them. All features are mechanicals; there is absolutely no need to understand the electrical system. It comes with a super-smooth sliding capacity and excellent stability and rigidity. It is also available with easy adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the gaps and achieve a refined look.

Glass Display

Glass-fronted living room storage unit is the perfect opportunity to display your stylish and classy belongings. Your tableware and cookery books can be displayed here that will give you that classic appeal. The glass serves as the frame for the items that you will display inside. This means that you should not completely fill the storage. Provide the items with space that will create a great focal point.

Wall with Storage

Having corner wardrobe for your television that comes with storage underneath for all your entertainment needs is a must. You may either create a fresh look by choosing a neutral colour for your storage or perhaps you prefer to be more adventurous and choose a more vibrant colour that will complement your three colours finishes wooden facade. Be sure to divide it into several rows. Larger items should be displayed here, and the smaller items should be hidden on plain sight.

Built in Wardrobe

You will be able to achieve a less-cluttered look by opting for a built-in wardrobe. You can choose to have a traditional look by having a country style details and use a neutral shade when painting it. You can also have a modern built-in cupboard by adding LED spotlights that can easily become the centre of your living room. Having a built-in solution would be a great space-saving resolution for your problem. Depending on the type of your interior design, finding the right supplier for your living room storage unit can help you guarantee that you will receive the ideal storage solution for your home. You will not only enjoy the visually appealing look of your storage, but you can also ensure that it is durable and efficient.

Attributes Values
Project Living room storage unit
Location W5, London
Storage price £3000
Special Features Multi functional storage solution, two color finish, fully optimised space, soft-close drawers, Contemporary style, glass display shelves and book holders.

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