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Stunning living room storage solution for coziness

Living room is the place where you relax after a long day. However, when you stumble over piles of stuff and clutter, you tend to feel more stressful. By incorporating some smart ideas you can keep your living room clutter-free, fashionable and cosy. There are plethoras of stunning living room storage solutions that can be utilized to store away things.

Many reputed companies offer a variety of bespoke living room storage solutions that are attractive, durable and efficient. You can choose fitted furniture in contemporary style to suit your taste and budget. Most of these stylish storage solutions are created with unique designs that add a touch of elegance to your entire home.

Different Types of Living Room Storage Solutions

Space saving wardrobe

This is an ideal choice if there are space constraints in your living room. With unlimited storage capacity, this type of wardrobe can be used in living rooms to store books and antiques.

Built in wardrobe

Another option to maximize storage and obtain a clutter-free living room is to opt for a built-in wardrobe. There are both contemporary and classic versions of these storage units which can be custom ordered. Apart from this there are two coloured wardrobe finishes which adds to the elegance of living rooms.

Glass fronted storage units

Living room is one place where your family and friends gather together for the evening. So it is important to make the place seem warm, inviting and friendly. Glass front storage unit is another great idea to store crystals and glassware. It is the perfect choice for showcasing your exceptional collection of classy and chic belongings.

Multi functional storage units

When you have a large amount of belongings and a small sized home, it can be tad difficult to find storage space for all these things. Multi functional storage units are perfect in living rooms to store away these things and obtain a clutter free look.

Full heighted storage units with ample amount of storage space exude a minimalist look in living rooms. Today there are many companies that offer various living room storage units for affordable prices.


Attributes Values

Stunning living room storage solution for coziness

Location EN4, East Barnet
Project Value £5000-6000
Special Features Spray painted interior, wine rack, wooden elegant handles, fitted storage, contemporary style

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