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Admiring Living Room Fitted Cabinet

The living room of any home space is essentially the heart of that house. This is the place for relaxing and spending some time with loved ones. It is therefore important that the living room storage space stylish and properly functional. Through employing innovative designs and accurate materrial choices, it is possible to acquire the best fitted furniture or ready-made furniture that best suits the living room storage needs. In the interest of acquiring the best living room furniture customised for specific living room needs, there are a few things that must be considered. The design must first of all have adequate storage space.

Living Room Storage Ideas

For a stylish living room that maximises storage space, it is fundamental to consider filling the walls with some shelves. The smart shelves could serve as living room storage spaces for DVDs, books, and other digital equipment.

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The shelve surface could be adequate for display of accessories and photographs. Positioning the shelves by the wall ensures that the available living room space does not appear overwhelmed. The backside of the shelves could be painted using bright, conspicuous colours with an objective of making the shelves attractive.

For the ready-made wardrobe and fitted furniture, it is advisable to consider the non-conventional furniture. Natural wood exudes a rustic appearance on the fitted furniture. These alongside the insolent creamy finish on the doors helps the living room furniture blend perfectly with walls, therefore, maintaining a contemporary look in the living room storage space.

Choosing Living Room Furniture

When choosing ready-made wardrobes for the living room, it is important to take measurements prior to making the purchase. A meter stick, yardstick or tape measure can be used to take measurements of the room. Consider also any recessed spaces and bays in the living room. It is important to also have a floor plan both for the fitted furniture and the ready-made wardrobes. Sketch out the ways in which furniture could fit inside the living room storage space. Make provisions for free one metre space between furniture. Eating up too much space makes the living room appear squeezed therefore making mobility difficult.


Make sure to measure the doorway in order to avoid a situation whereby the ready-made furniture refuses to fit through the doorway. The bottom line is to have a good comprehension of the measurements and architecture of the living room storage space. This will guide in helping determine the potential areas where specific ready-made furniture can be positioned and help determine the position where fitted furniture can go into.

Attributes Values
Project Living Room Bar and Display Solution
Location HA8, Rydal Court, London
Storage Price £6000-8000
Special Features Well Balanced Unique Design, Functional Layout, Glass, Mirrors and LED lights, Finest Materials and Ironmongery, Routed Wooden Handles.

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