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Did you just buy your new home? Perhaps you’ve decided to refresh your current house with new types of furniture, change the style, colors, and design? That’s great as it presents an endless amount of new opportunities. You’re going on a journey, new sofas, new walls, and new tables and so on. You might even get a fitted wardrobe to perfectly fit in your bedroom. Let us give you a quick review of the new designer floor to ceiling wardrobe spray painted MONRO.

The biggest problem when thinking about the design of a new room is the ability to use each inch of space purposefully. This Italian style, brand new, designer wardrobe will fit beautifully inside any room filling up each inch of space and bringing a new sense of style. 

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It comes with custom made, rooted handles, self-close easy to touch drawers and don’t even get us started on the exterior.

Its spray painted per the desires of the customer and fits into any type of interior design. As different buildings come at different heights, the height of the fitted wardrobe is fully optimized so that it won’t leave any empty space. The Italian style makes it worth every penny, but furthermore, the whole value of your property is increased because of it.

Now come to the harsher news though, as the price of the floor to ceiling wardrobe is 3500 pounds. Originally a hefty investment, however, if you break it down into different factors it’s quite cost efficient and worth the value. A commercial wardrobe would come cheaper but would be of worse quality plus it won’t have the same lifespan. In fact, research has shown that designer furniture lasts four times as much compared to commercial, showroom type of furniture on average.  Now the commercial wardrobes certainly come at a lower price, but do they come four times as cheaper? We’re not even adding the additional value and comfort the designer furniture applies to your property.

The Advantages of Fitted Wardrobes

First and foremost, they allow you to create a smooth transition between the decor and the spaces. Thefitted furniture naturally blends in the environment and looks as if it is a part of the house, as it’s not standing freely. They’re perfect for minimalistic styles, plus they look as if they’re smaller, meaning that the free space in your room would feel as if it is more. That might not matter much from a practical point of view, but it does play a big role.

The fitted wardrobe could be customized per the requirements of the customer plus additional features could be integrated into it, such as LED lights for example. Wouldn’t you like to have LED lights around the wardrobe doors UK?

The spray painted MONRO Range Wardrobe is a piece of art, which would be suitable for every apartment or house. Marvelous styled and designed its owner won’t be disappointed.

Attributes Values
Project Spray Painted MONRO Range Wardrobe
Location HA5, Murray Crescent, London
Wardrobe Price £3500
Special Features Smith Spray Painted Exterior, Custom-Made routed handles, Soft-close easy touch drawers, Two colour finishes, Optimised Height, Colour matched to Space Interior

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