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Set of Custom Made Wardrobes for New Property

Each house is a small work of art with its own unique interior design and style. The main creators of all this splendor in it are ourselves. We strive to make the house cosy and comfortable. After all, this is our quiet harbour, where the whole family gathers together, where we rest after hard working days. We meet guests and celebrate various family holidays.

Custom made furniture is a particularly important aspect if interior design. It should be harmoniously combined with the interior in general.  Also be ergonomic, comfortable and functional, and in some cases even mobile. You can collect all these qualities together, but perhaps only in custom made furniture. Custom-built furniture has the advantage of being able to hide the existing shortcomings of a room (uneven walls or floor, the pipe, wire, sockets, etc. that might be placed on walls).

Basis of the basics

The furniture produced by us combines beauty, prestige, durability, convenience, UK quality and style at an affordable price for every buyer. We do not impose standards.

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We take into account the wishes of the customer and provide bespoke furniture to make their life better. High-quality fittings and environmentally friendly materials, high-precision production technology, and specialists with a high degree of training and many years of experience.This is the foundation of how we work. In this article, we will describe a few examples of our custom built furniture. In the future, in our blog, we will continue to acquaint you with our furniture, ideas and many more interesting and useful pieces of information.

Design of the bedroom №1

We’ve been given the goal – to fill the free space of the room rationally with functional and stylish furniture.

We began our work by measuring the parameters of the room . Our designer helped the customer to choose the furniture fittings from the samples provided by us and the most suitable color scheme of the finish for future furniture. When measuring and choosing the materials, we learned from the customer their wishes and preferences.

Taking measurements is the very important initial stage of our work, allowing us to take into account all the nuances and features of the room. At the next stage, when the designer does a detailed quotation of the furniture project he/she takes all these nuances into account. It allows us to make furniture ideally balanced in size and perfectly tailored for each particular space.

Cupboard for bedroom №1

For this room we’ve used very nice Italian CLEAF Azimut / Seta S027. 18mm thick laminated chipboard. It ideally suited to the interior of the customer’s room . All the ends of the furniture chipboard have the same 2mm colour edging applied on them. This is done to protect the end of the chipboard from mechanical type damage. The edge gives the complete appearance and attractiveness to the finished product. An internal frame of the wardrobe is made of ivory colour 18 mm thick chipboard which is produced by the Austrian company EGGER. . This material is durable and resistant to mechanical and chemical agents. Therefore, we can say with certainty that the furniture we produce from it is durable and practical. Based on the measurements, our designers begin to draw furniture in 3D projection. Such visualization allows us to create an ideal product model based on the customer’s wishes and our recommendations. When the customer approves the project, we start to produce furniture parts and assemble them.


For the doors on this wardrobe we used thin classic silver aluminium profiles and a hidden track sliding door system. It is almost invisible around the entire perimeter of the door. Thanks to this system, the closet looks stylish and gives the interior a unique twist. Inside the wardrobe is a hanging for clothes and shelves. In the right and left sections of the wardrobe, you can see that the top shelf is half size shorter than the overall. This is done to maximise the ease of use of the top storage space, yet still allowing for the top space to be used as storage.

Bedside table for bedroom №1

In order to use all the free space under the TV, we made the drawer unit with a dressing table for the whole length of the wall. On the wall where the TV is located, there are rosettes that we have hidden inside the wardrobe. It is important that you get use of it so we do incorporate free access to those. There are many different drawer runners on the market each with differing levels of quality. For our customers we use soft-close easy touch runners made by German company Hettich. Handles for drawers were also used from this brand. They are stylish and harmoniously fit into the overall concept and style of the interior

 Built-in wardrobe for bedroom №2

In this bedroom we had a plan to place a built-in wardrobe in the niche – functional, roomy, but nebulous. Our specialists coped with this task with ease and the wardrobe turned out pretty spacious. We revealed all the nuances of the room, chose the color range and material and proceeded to the stage of visualization of the wardrobe in 3D projection. Since the drawing of all the details of furniture is made on a scale and in millimetres. All its elements are drawn, taking into account the nuances revealed during the measurement. The wardrobe is located in a niche with two small columns.Yet this didn’t affect the functionality of the wardrobe. We divided the space of the wardrobe into two functional zones, placed flanges for small items. On the right side of the wardrobe there is hanging space for short clothes on two levels.


The customer asked us to find the right colour balance that would match their interior and would look nice with the carpet, walls and doors. We’ve done it perfectly, but the main issue were sockets on the wall. Many sockets and wires all around.  We’ve coped with this task very well, making a wardrobe in such a way that all the wires and sockets were hidden inside it. For this product we’ve used Hettich special doors with a suspension system. Door guides are completely hidden between the top and bottom of the media unit and it gives the structure lightness and style. The doors move very smoothly and the handles on them are touch-in stainless steel, made by Hettich. The material and handles colour harmoniously fit this design of the product.


Attributes Values
Project Custom made furniture for new property
Location NW4, Asbray Park, London
Wardrobe Price £8000
Special Features 1.2 metres wide wardrobe sliding doors with mirror, Soft-closing sliding door media unit, fully optimised layout, Tailor made floating shelves, Various colours combination.

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