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When building a new home or if you’re contemplating a Renovation then the choice of Fitted Wardrobes and which to include, really must play a critical role during decision making. Fitted wardrobes particularly present a myriad of advantages and benefits that cannot be ignored.

Learning about these advantages can be key to determining if hey are the right fit for your home.

Why you should pick Fitted Wardrobes

Custom built & Tailor made wardrobes: When you opt for this type of wardrobes for your bedroom or any other room in the house you can be sure that you’re going to get something that caters to your needs EXACTLY.

Fitted Wardrobes may include all the features you want while omitting any of those that you find superfluous. They are only designed exactly according to the instructions you provide (which gives them a personal touch) and you also get the freedom to determine the number of compartments to be included and/or can even specify the size of each compartment.

Choose from Shelves, drawers, built in cupboards and shoe racks – all tyhese, are among the features you may choose to include or exclude depending on the results you wish to achieve.

The doors to the wardrobe can be designed according to existing templates or your own unique desires. It is worth noting that the wardrobe will occupy either a large or small space depending on the size you designate.

Intelligent and efficient use of space: For other types of wardrobes you may face numerous challenges when trying to arrange the room. Individuals that buy a wardrobe from a dealer and try to erect it at a corner in the room or right in the middle may find that the outlook is just not right. The product may either use up a lot of space or create a feeling of disorganization. Choosing a bespoke wardrobe design effectively deals with the challenges that are presented by other forms of wardrobes. Your designer will simply assess the room and determine the exact fit and location for the wardrobe. This intelligent use of space allows you the freedom to create a seamless theme in any room without having to spend too much cash on remodeling in case something goes wrong.

Get the Perfect Light:

Awesome Lighting is possible – traditional wardrobes are usually dark during the night or on cloudy days and this may pose complications when you are trying to find something you may have stored in the wardrobe. In such a situation you have to look for a flashlight or some other form of illumination device to find what you are looking for. Custom designed wardrobes offer a solution because you can actually instruct the designer to include lighting in the unit. The design may feature one light that illuminates the entire unit or several lights for each compartment for better illumination. This type of freedom to create lighting in the wardrobe enhances organization and reduces the amount of time you spend when looking for something during the night.

Choose the right Materials and finishes:

There are times that you walk into a furniture store and are immediately impressed by the design and style of particular products. However, once you buy them and take them home you quickly discover that you made the wrong decision because the materials and finishes do not match the surfaces in your room. This mistake can potentially cause the whole room to look disorganized or unattractive. Building a fitted wardrobe allows you to assess already existing materials and finishes before settling on the right choices. Such a wardrobe allows you to pick materials that are likely to complement everything else in the room and in so doing you can create a more coherent theme.

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Modern designing:

Traditional wardrobes resemble each other in almost every way. This makes it monotonous and boring for any individual that wishes to stay up to date with the latest trends in home decor. A custom wardrobe on the other hand allows you to include all the modern features of a functional unit. While remodeling older homes that already have vintage wardrobes may be challenging, those building new homes can take advantage of the fact that it costs less to include contemporary wardrobe designs.

Allow for efficient cleaning – one of the most difficult areas to clean in any room is the wardrobe. In certain cases you have to drag a stool over so you can get on top of it to reach certain areas of the wardrobe. Some units are too stuffy that you have to bend down in such a straining manner that the whole activity seems like a nightmare. These complications often cause many people to avoid cleaning their wardrobes and as a result they have build up of dust and cobwebs in the room. Fitted units are designed to give easy access to every area which is why you can have an easier time when it comes to getting rid of dust and cobwebs. The compartments are spacious and allow you to move in an organized manner while cleaning.

It increases the value of the house – in case you are looking to sell your home you can boost its value by including such a wardrobe. As potential clients inspect the home they are likely to take note of the units available in the house. If they are traditional they may look too similar to others the clients have seen and that will end up working against you. However, bespoke wardrobes often capture the imagination of buyers and this generally works to boost the value of the house. Additionally, such a wardrobe is not only beautiful but has functional features that will be helpful to just about anyone.

It is affordable – As mentioned before this type of wardrobe can be designed in a way that fits your own desires. Consequently you can make it expensive or cheaper depending on your budgetary capability. Individuals with a small budget can still get beautiful sliding wardrobe or any other design that can add value top the home.Those with relative financial freedom can opt for more stylish designs and expensive materials to enhance the overall appearance of the home. This design of wardrobe is basically one of the most flexible and accommodating when it comes to costs.

They enhance interior decor – while you have a beautiful house it may just not be complete until you add a wardrobe that stands out. Bespoke wardrobes can have state of the art designs, patterns and colors to complement the appearance of the entire room and house by extension. This allows you to create a seamless blend of functional features while boosting the beauty of your own home.

Encourages organization – walking in a room only to find that everything is in a mess can be quite disappointing. Homes without wardrobes are hard to keep tidy because you end 4p throwing clothes into baskets while shoes lie all over the floor creating an eyesore. In houses with traditional wardrobes, you may find that there are only two or three compartments making it difficult to arrange items accordingly and that leads to a messy wardrobe. Custom designed wardrobes have distinct compartments that allow users to distribute items according to their various natures. It makes getting organized seem like a breeze.

With these benefits in mind you may find it suitable to get these wardrobes for your home but have no idea where to buy. While there are several dealers in furniture that may promise quality products and good services the truth is that you must take your time and select the most appropriate for your needs. The best way to select a provider is by learning about the qualities of exceptional dealers before settling on any. Here are a few of the things you need to be 6n the look out for when thinking of getting quality wardrobe products and services.

1. Efficiency in communications

Getting the right products and services within a given period of time depends on the quality of communications that take place between a client and seller. This is why a good supplier of wardrobe products must have an elaborate infrastructure for communication. Some clients are comfortable using online platforms while others may simply want to pick up a phone and make the call. The supplier should be able to diversify the platforms through which clients get in touch. Response to queries or concerns that are raised by clients should ideally be done within 24 hours. The communication provided by customer representatives should adequately address the points raised by the client to ensure there is no misunderstanding or dissatisfaction. Without these things a supplier may not be able to cater to the needs of the customer adequately.

2. Must be affordable

Buying products from a dealer that seems too cheap may not be prudent because the rates can be low because of poor quality. This does not mean you have to go for a seller that is extremely expensive. Instead take your time to study the various sellers in the market and compare their rates against products and services available. Use this information to identify a provider that is reasonable and flexible enough to accommodate your budget.

3. Should be experienced

While there are a few wardrobe dealers that are new and can provide good products and services the truth is that choosing a dealer that has been around for a considerable amount of time has multiple benefits. Experienced dealers have had the opportunity to design wardrobes for a number of clients with different types of houses and have therefore acquired the expertise to build exceptional features. Such providers have probably obtained some of the best tools and equipment for getting the job done within a short period.

4. Should be trustworthy

The last thing you want is to hire the services of a provider only to get poor quality materials for your wardrobe and substandard services. This is why it is wise to choose a dealer that has a good reputation. By reading through online reviews written by past clients or talking to people who have dealt with the provider before, you will be able to get helpful information. Use the information to narrow down your search for the best provider. Take a look at reputation along with the other qualities included here so as to arrive at the best decision.

5. Should have clear terms and conditions

Before buying products and accepting services from a provider be sure to go through their terms and conditions. This information will let you know what to expect from the provider and some of your obligations. Failure to read and understand the terms and conditions laid down may lead to misunderstandings and loss of time or money.

Why SmartfitWardrobes is an ideal choice

SmartfitWardrobes is one of the most popular suppliers of wardrobe products in the UK today. This company has a team of dedicated customer care staff who are always on hand to assist with any concerns or queries. The team typically responds to emails, telephones and live chats promptly. This allows the customer to quickly acquire important information that can be integral in decision making. The members of the team are not only professional but go out of their way to remain friendly regardless of the situation.

The company offers clients an array of wardrobe designs and material to choose from right at the comfort of the home or office. By paying a visit to their website you can be sure to get helpful information coupled with vivid pictures of what the wardrobe you want may look like. The site is user friendly making it possible for you to navigate through various sections with relative ease.

The management of this company is dedicated to providing state of the art wardrobe designs and materials for clients without necessarily charging high prices. This is why each project is taken into consideration on its own merits before a price is quoted. Keep in mind that custom wardrobes vary in size, materials and design which is why having a fixed price may not be possible.

Tips to keep in mind when thinking of getting the right wardrobes

As you ponder over the options you have with regards to fitted wardrobes one of the things you should keep in mind is the amount of money you will have to use. It is prudent to make a budget before going out to look for the right product. A budget is going to help you narrow down the search and guard you against buying things that may end up straining you financially.

If you do not know the kind of wardrobe to put in your home do not just pick anything. Instead talk to an expert for advise. It may be prudent to have the professional come over to your place and carry out some examinations. This will allow the individual to assess the space available and the various finishes in the room. With this information the individual will be able to make an informed decision on some of the best materials and finishes to use on the wardrobe.

Learn how to keep your wardrobes safe and clean. There is no need to have a beautifully designed unit that is either too dirty or gets damaged within a short time. As the installation is being done feel free to ask for advise on how to keep it clean and free of damages.

Getting the ideal sliding wardrobe or white wardrobe should not necessarily mean that you have to part ways with a lot of cash. Take your time to compare the various providers in the market and settle on the one that offers the most competitive rates.

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