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Built in Wardrobes

Built in Wardrobes UK mean you can make the best use of the space in a home. Let’s figure out how to build your own fitted wardrobe with Smart Fit.

There was a time when custom fitted wardrobes were considered a luxury, but have since become a standard feature of most home interiors.

A self built fitted wardrobe can be part of any living space, whether it is the bedroom, living room or bathroom. Build fitted wardrobes are very adaptable and make the optimal use of any space. You can have them lined the entire length of a wall, while they can be of a height that extends from floor to ceiling, this type called wall mounted wardrobe.

Before you decide on any wardrobe, you must be clear as to what you need it for, and what you will store inside it. You then need to decide on the location. This must be in an area that gives you easy access and has also the most convenient space for storing, dressing or any other requirement that you have for the wardrobe. Some people might say that it doesn’t matter either It is ready made wardrobe, wall fitted wardrobe or freestanding wardrobe as long as it stores well my clothes and things I love in it. It is not true. It does matter. Every wardrobe when it it is designed to its particular purpose is unique and should serve you based on your needs. We personally believe that build in wardrobe is always a better option and worth the investment. Its design will be suitable to your living style and tailored to personal belongings that you will use the wardrobe for.

Some people may prefer to hang suits and dresses, while others may be more comfortable with folding clothes and stowing them away.

When you work with designer please make sure that your build in wardrobe interior is balanced well. It means that the drawers and depths are such that your clothes are able to hang without getting crumpled and you do have convenient access to any of your clothes.
With complex space structures it is difficult sometimes to maintain but professional experience designers, like we are, will handle these with an ease.

When you are planning your storage and have design for it, the second thing you should check is how much do built in wardrobes cost. Making it with professional company like we are, will definitely cost you more than if you would decide to build your own fitted wardrobe. There are number of reasons and all of them are worth to consider.
Here are just a few of them: Professional designer will see the ergonomics of your space and will come up with better more convenient solutions for you then if you would do it yourself. They are trained to make something that will make your life easier not just tidier. Designer will advise you the best colour selection and materials that would fit your budget. The team of professionals will take precise measurements of the space and will make sure that build in wardrobe frame, it’s elements and ironmongery are well balanced, not only looks good but also maintain their original state for years. This is where the warranty comes in and you can be sure that it will serve you for all given years. Worth to consider that professionally custom made fitted wardrobe will increase the value of your property for every pound you spend on it. You can hardly do same with self-build fitted wardrobes.

Our strongest advise is, please do go with professionals when it comes to custom made product such as fitted or build in wardrobes. Your fitted wardrobe needs to become a part of the decor and must be designed to match with all the other furniture in whichever room you are planning this storage. You can hardly achieve same effect when you design your own fitted wardrobe. Professionally designed storage, even if it is stand alone wardrobe, often, also function as aids to dressing, by having built in mirrors and cabinets. We are not saying to give up your creative nature if you do want to design your own fitted wardrobe, definitely stick to your gut, just use an experienced professional who can guide you through this journey and move you away from all mistakes that can be done when it comes to actual production.

To wrap up this article we want to give you some more tips.
For smaller rooms where space is a constraint, mirror or glass sliding wardrobe doors can be of help. Large rooms can have built in wardrobes that function as complete dressing rooms. You will have to ensure proper lighting and ventilation while building wardrobes. Space master wardrobes may include so many different types of storage that you will have all your clothing sorted and observed well.

How much do build in wardrobes cost?

It varies. Our prices start from £800 +VAT and goes up to £1600+VAT per linear meter with the standard height of 2.4m. So, if your wardrobe is 2.4 metres high and 3 metres long you are looking at the price range of £2400-£4800 +VAT. This price difference includes great amount of options: you can select different materials, ironmongery, doors, colours. So the price may vary widely depending on your taste and dimensions you have for it. Worth to consider the complexity of the space, number of elements inside the cabinet and type of doors you want to put on it.
We know that our clients want to know what they are paying for, so our best advice is, please do call the company that came across your interest. Just listen what they are saying, how professionally and open they sound. If you feel that their price range is within your budget, do invite them for home design visit.
Just before you do so, please be aware that every company has their own solutions that sometimes can’t be compared to the other company. This is why it is worth to invite their representative to visit you.
Some top companies on the market for instance, call themselves bespoke fitted wardrobe company, but in reality, sell free standing wardrobes, with premade set sizes. If your space is bigger than the solution they have for you, they just put infills in those spaces that has left between the cupboard and wall or ceiling. They call it bespoke, but It isn’t. Just be aware about It and do call us to check your options.

For a lasting Built In Wardrobe make sure you check out our extensive collection of completed projects  on the main Smart Fit website or contact us here directly to discuss your ideas now.

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