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White Wardrobes

Refresh Your Bedroom with a White Wardrobe

Though no less important than the rest of the home, the bedroom is often the last space to get a new look. So when considering how to freshen the bedroom, white wardrobes should be among the top choices.

They provide the space needed to keep clothing organized and help maintain a clean, tidy room.

Why choose a white wardrobe?

So why a White Wardrobe? There are a number of reasons – the top being:


– offers a clean, crisp appearance
– can be used to reflect light
– provides brightness to the space

Use White for an Inviting Feel, Smartfit Wardrobes come in a variety of flawless whites to create a sense of comfort. This is important because White is conducive to relaxation. The brightness of white can lift spirits and invigorate. And most importantly white wardrobe will blend easily with white walls.

Works with both contemporary and classic decor

Fitted wardrobes in white are available in traditional styles with plenty of detail, or in styles with clean lines and minimal detail. White Sliding wardrobe doors help create a clean look when paired with white bedroom furniture and walls.

Maximise your choice

There are a variety of sizes and styles to fit any bedroom space. Visit for more ideas.

White Pairs well with a variety of colour palettes

e.g. White pairs well with greys, hints of black, reds, blues, greens, or any colour combination.

Consider using white furniture and wardrobe, with darker fabrics of bedding and window coverings. There are many shades of white paint. Consider buying the white wardrobe first, then matching the paint colour, if white walls are also desired.

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