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Sliding Wardrobes

You have many options to choose from while searching for an appropriate wardrobe that fits your home, and serves its purpose. However, if you want a modern look and need space to roam around your room, look no further that sliding wardrobes. They have many advantages over their hinged counterparts such as:

• They provide you with more floor space as they do not require extra clearance
• A professional can install them on your existing wardrobe by removing the hinged doors, installing the channel on which the doors will slide, and installing the sliding door
• Many choices including plain doors and doors fitted with mirrors

The storage requirement of an average home has increased in the past few years. Most modern apartments hardly have the floor space required to keep your furniture. Traditional wardrobes take more space than sliding wardrobes as you need to provide extra clearance required for opening their doors outwards. People often compromise by leaving enough space to open its doors partially. This means that they cannot open drawers inside the wardrobe.

No problems regarding weight

It is impossible to use materials like frosted glass and metals for the doors of a traditional wardrobe as its hinges will not be able to bear the load. The sliding versions do not pose such problems. Smartfitwardrobes offers a wide range of sliding wardrobes including white wardrobes and built in wardrobes.

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