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Built in Wardrobes

Built in Wardrobes mean you can make the best use of the space in a home if you have properly designed built in wardrobes.

There was a time when such wardrobes were considered a luxury, but have since become a standard feature of most home interiors.

A built in wardrobe can be part of any living space, whether it is the bedroom, living room or bathroom. Built in wardrobes are very adaptable and make the optimal use of any space. You can have them lined the entire length of a wall, while they can be of a height that extends from floor to ceiling.

Before you decide on any wardrobe, you must be clear as to what you need it for, and what you will store inside it. You then need to decide on the location. This must be in an area that gives you easy access and is also the most convenient for storing, dressing or any other requirement that you have for the wardrobe. Design the wardrobe so that is suitable to your living style and personal belongings that you will use the wardrobe for.

Some people may prefer to hang suits and dresses, while others may be more comfortable with folding clothes and stowing them away.

Make sure that the drawers and depths are such that your clothes are able to hang without getting crumpled.

Built in wardrobes will become a part of the decor and must be designed to match with all the other furniture in whichever room you are planning this storage. Often, such wardrobes also function as aids to dressing, by having built in mirrors and cabinets. Sliding doors can be of help for smaller rooms where space is a constraint. Large rooms can have built in wardrobes that function as complete dressing rooms. You will have to ensure proper lighting and ventilation for such wardrobes

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